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Software & Database Development

There comes a time when off the shelf software either doesn't exist or isn't flexible enough to meet your business requirements. When this happens the solution is to have a custom software package developed to your exact specifications. Our in house developers have a wealth of experience in developing Windows and Web applications for businesses to do just this. In recent years the split between conventional Windows applications and Web based applications has greyed considerably. When we talk about developing software applications this often means a mix of both technologies, to combine the best each has to offer.


There are many cases for bespoke software development. The following lists a few examples.

  • A tailored ordering and invoicing system
  • A branded sales application to distribute to your customers via CD or download
  • An mobile application for iPhone/iPad, Android or Windows Phone to engage your customers
  • A web or windows portal for your customers to place orders or check stock directly
  • Interactive simulator of your product
  • Windows front end to an existing database
  • Kiosk style application for customer interaction at trade shows or in-store


Enki Business Framework

Because the core requirement for many bespoke applications is the same or at least very similar, we have developed a generic framework called Enki. This provides a flexible, robust and reliable framework to build a wide range of business applications on. This is effectively a semi-bespoke solution but it does mean that the costs can be kept to a minimum and development time is significantly reduced.


The scope for discussion regarding bespoke software and our Enki framework is too large to go into detail on our website. If you think this is something that may interest you then please contact us so that we can discuss the possibilities in more detail.

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